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Welcome to the "open" page of the SIKM Boston Chapter.  On this public page non-members can learn more about us and register to join the SIKM Boston community site


We are the Boston chapter of SIKM LEADERS, an international gathering of Knowledge Management practitioners whose goal is to share experiences and insights on implementing KM programs.  The SIKM Boston Chapter's central goal is to be a mutual resource: A sounding board and creative presence in each others’ KM practices. This we accomplish through workshopping, sharing best practices, and sharing our respective networks.  


On the SIKM Boston community site you will see the detailed charter (copied here), meeting notes, announcement, job opportunities and discussions.  SIKM Boston site is a place  for us to share and access insights from our peers. Consider it a place for mutual inspiration: Give and receive links, documents, ideas, references, and even referrals. 


Follow us on twitter at @sikmboston




             SIKM Boston hosts a meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month at 8:00a.m. at a member's

             workplace. A page opens up midmonth for you to register. 

             Sample Discussion Topics

             - Gaming ("gamification") for bringing people into the sites we steward    

             - Market Pull and KM 

             - Barbell in KM readiness     

             - Cloud-based KM 

             - Measuring KM's ROI

             - Change management (read: "involvement and adoption") planning for KM


             Please take a moment to sign in on the closed SIKM Boston site.  When the meeting page is live, leave a

             comment or recommend topics for discussion.



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